How to Combat Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy False Claims

Many people view physical therapy as a quick fix. There are some patients who just need to have their legs pulled back together, and many times that’s all they need. Other patients require extensive treatments, which takes time and work to get well. That’s why finding a good physical therapist near me is important to keep their services available.

If you don’t live near my area, it might be hard to find a physical therapist that treats the elderly, children, or pets with physical therapy. Here are a few places I can recommend seeing if I think they can help you. You may find that they’ll help you or that you need to move on.

The first physical therapy in my list is Rehabilitation Village of North Hollywood. This place specializes in rehabilitating pets, kids, seniors, and dogs that are paralyzed or have had surgeries. They focus on hand and arm movements, diet, and post-surgery physical therapy, not necessarily physical therapy for your knee or back.

The second place I found in my search for a physical therapy near me is Rehabilitation Village of Hollywood. If you have trouble walking, want to learn to cook, or even rehab your disabled pet, this is a great place to go. They provide trained staff, decent food, and many activities for rehabilitation.

The third place I found in my search is The Rehabilitation Institute of Los Angeles. This clinic focuses on physical therapy, massage therapy, diet and nutrition, and special diets for clients. They also offer in-home rehab and self-care.

The fourth physical therapy center I found is the Sports and Rehab Institute of Hollywood. They have a physical therapy for both adults and kids with physical disabilities. They have a very reasonable price, so it’s an excellent place to go if you have limited funds.

The last physical therapy clinic, I found in my search is The De La Salle Institute. This clinic is focused on clients who are rehabilitating for the third and fourth time. The rehabs they provide tend to be less demanding than most clinics, and they even offer free treatment when you visit them at least twice.

I hope you found this helpful in your search for a physical therapy clinic near me. If you find one that doesn’t fit your needs, you may need to move on to another.